The latest fashion in leather presented by Crank Berry.


Experience the ingenuity of leather wrapped around you.


Every product from us is handcrafted for perfection.


Enjoy the present and ride with us towards the future.


We Are Rangers

We are a team of designers who are forged together through the interests in various materials. We have started this journey together to learn and develop from stories of people around the world and invite everyone to craft their unique experiences in leather accessories and sport them with the badge of RANGERS.

We believe, every individual is unique within themselves and acknowledging that is what defines one as a RANGER.


OUR Services

We Provide Exclusive Services For The Most Premium Of Materials That Are Custom Built For The Safety And Style Of Every Individual Person.


Pure leather products combined with the passion and craftsmanship of the esteemed artisans.


Top notch in style provided by our immense quality of materials fused with a designer's eye for perfection.


Range of riding and lifestyle gear to cater every individual with respect to their personality and lifestyle.


Feel free to ask us about anything you wish to know regarding leather.

The Founders


Sahil Thakkar Sahil Thakkar
Business & CommercialsConstructing the fundamental values and prospects of association at a global standard
Srikanth Kanchinadham Srikanth Kanchinadham
Research, Development & DesignSculpting and formulating the track for us to walk on together

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Leather is a natural product
The look of the leather will change after cleaning
Cleaning has to be done by leather specialists only.
We are not responsible for any damage by misuse of the leather product.